Attention Riders

    WCCE Downtown Service to Resume 5/26/20
    The Washington County Commuter Express (WCCE) will be resuming service to Downtown Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 26. All buses on downtown and medical center routes will be running at their published scheduled times, posted at

    We want to make sure WCCE remains a safe travel option during this pandemic. To that end, WCCE has implemented the following safety measures:
    • All buses are cleaned and disinfected daily with products recommended by the CDC.
    • Drivers are required to wear masks.
    • Passengers are not allowed to sit directly behind the driver.
    • Only one passenger is allowed per row for social distancing.
    Passengers are strongly encouraged to wear facial covering, cloth or face masks, when social distancing is not possible. This includes lining up for the bus, boarding the bus, or moving around on the bus.

    Thank you for your continued support of the WCCE.