No Show Policy

In order to provide reliable Shared Ride Taxi services to the public, Washington County receives grants from the State of Wisconsin and the Federal Transit Administration. We have been awarded these funds and it is our duty to make sure they are used in a cost effective and efficient manner.

A No Show is defined as:
  • A client not being present when driver arrives for pick up.
  • The client not being ready within 5 minutes of when driver arrives for your scheduled pick up time.
  • The client calls to cancel a ride less than one (1) hour prior to their scheduled pick up time or cancels the ride at the door when the driver arrives.
  • Not having the required fare for the ride.

Please note about pick up times:

If one has an appointment pick up, this means the shared ride taxi could arrive 1 hour prior to your appointment time. For example one has a doctor appointment or a start time for work; let's say for 9:00am. This means that the shared ride taxi could arrive as early as 8:00am to make sure you arrive at your appointment time. A regular pick time has a 30 minute window. For example if one requests a pick up time for 3:00pm, the shared ride taxi could arrive from 3:00pm to 3:30pm. On the day of your ride, one can always call to confirm a more exact pick up time so one does not have to worry about a no show.

Consequences of No Shows

When the shared ride taxi driver arrives for a client and the client cannot be located, the driver will notify dispatch the client is not present. At that time dispatch will attempt to contact the passenger. If the client cannot be contacted within three (3) minutes, the driver will be advised by dispatch of a No Show and proceed on with their route. Note: At no time will shared ride taxi "No Show" a dialysis client unless advised by the client and/or the dialysis clinic.

  1. Three (3) No Shows occurring within a rolling 60-day period will result in a 21-day suspension of service.
  2. After the first two (2) No Shows within a rolling 60-day period, dispatch will call the client and issue him/her a warning and advise the client of the policy.
  3. After the third No Show a 21-day suspension will be instated by the County Transit Manager.
  4. The client can either appeal the suspension for reinstatement, in writing; to the Washington County Transit Manager, see address at bottom of page, (the appeal must address all 3 No Shows).
  5. OR
  6. The client can be reinstated for service and have the suspension lifted by paying a fine of $8.00. The No Show fine must be paid to the driver when the client schedules their next ride or in person at the shared ride taxi dispatch office (510 Schoenhaar Drive, West Bend, WI 53090). The client must notify dispatch that this is the action the client will be taking. If the fine is not paid at the client's next scheduled ride the client will not be able to ride until the fine is paid.
  7. Further habitual violations and/or excessive No Shows may result in additional periods of suspension of service up to and including ineligibility to use the Shared Ride Taxi Service.